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Mercury-free Dentistry

Traditional silver or mercury fillings can eventually corrode and leak, staining the remaining tooth and giving an unsightly black appearance. Cosmetic (white) fillings can improve your smile in so many ways and replacing old unsightly fillings will bring the 'dazzle' and health back into your mouth again. We use natural tooth coloured (white) fillings and porcelain materials to replace unattractive silver and black fillings, and use special techniques when removing amalgam fillings to ensure minimal ingestion and absorption of mercury particles.

We can match the shade, translucency and the texture of your own natural teeth, resulting in a beautiful overall result. We are a mercury free practice and have been so for over 30 years now. We only use tooth coloured materials to restore teeth to a natural appearance. Our on-site 3D scanning Cerec Omnicam machine is also able to produce custom-made porcelain restorations to exactly fit the cavity in your teeth within one appointment. Porcelain materials can give an excellent aesthetic result especially when repairing or replacing front or back teeth. Ravenshead Dental Practice is one of just a few practices in the UK to use the Omnicam, the latest Cerec machine and milling unit for one visit restorations.