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Laser Dentistry

Using a laser for certain dental treatments can have significant benefits for you, including faster healing times, reduced risk of infection, less bleeding and also less post-operative pain. The laser generates a beam of concentrated light, bringing energy into your mouth and destroying many of the bacteria and viruses that can lead to infection. It also uses infrared energy to improve your healing response to an affected area.

We use a few different types of lasers, depending on the treatment you need. Lasers are particularly effective at destroying bacteria to prevent or treat infection, promoting blood flow and a better healing response, minimising bleeding and soft tissue injury, and even alleviating acute Temporomandibular Joint (jaw) pain.

It may be that we’ll need to use a laser alongside more conventional dental treatments; for example, lasers help us destroy bacteria in canals that aren’t easily reachable with traditional root canal therapy. We will always look at your individual case and advise how lasers might be used to enhance your treatment.

We use lasers very successfully in cases where we need to:

  • Sterilise root canals during root canal therapy
  • Treat gum disease pocketing
  • Minimise cold sores and ulcers, and promote better and quicker healing
  • Heal soft tissues at surgical sites and reduce post-operative discomfort
  • Carry out gum surgery to minimise tissue injury, pain, swelling and bleeding
  • Remove excess gum tissue
  • Treat acute Temporomandibular Joint (jaw) pain
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Uncover implants with minimal trauma
  • Stop bleeding after extractions

Do I need anaesthetic for laser treatment?

The use of lasers can dramatically reduce the need for anaesthetic. It may be the case that you are numb for a procedure anyway such as a root canal filling, but many procedures such as treatment of ulcers, cold sores and jaw pain do not require anaesthetic and you will not feel any pain.

Is the laser noisy?

Unlike a drill, dental lasers are quiet. There is no vibration or high pitched noise, so lasers can help create a more relaxing experience.

Is laser dental treatment safe?

Dental lasers are safe and have been designed to perform dental treatments. As with all laser treatments you will be provided with suitable eye protection.

All our clinicians are certified laser dentists and we are one of only a few practices in the Midlands to offer laser dental treatment. To find out more about laser treatment and its many benefits, please speak to our team.