Our Services

Complex Dentistry

You may feel you require more complicated treatment, and we are able to offer you a comprehensive service to provide 'full-mouth dentistry' rather than only ever treating individual teeth. All our clinicians have completed many complex cases for patients requiring advanced procedures such as:

  • Splints to relieve jaw pains, headaches, and clenching and grinding habits
  • Smile makeovers to improve the appearance of your smile
  • Full mouth rehabilitation to improve the function of your teeth for improved eating
  • Combined cases involving multiple disciplines of orthodontics, implants and restorative work
  • Bite alterations for worn teeth or trauma
  • Overdentures to be worn over retained roots
  • Hemisectomies for vertically fractured teeth or periodontally involved molars
  • Root fracture treatment
  • Re-root fillings and apicectomies when previous root fillings have been unsuccessful
  • Surgical extractions for teeth or roots that are more difficult to remove
  • Gum surgery to move the gums into a better position
  • Dental Laser Therapy for the treatment of ulcers, cold sores and jaw pain
  • Dental Laser Treatment for the disinfection of gum pockets and root canals; plus precise and more comfortable gum surgery
  • Cerec Restorations CADCAM one visit porcelain restorations to repair broken down teeth

We understand that it is sometimes a little bewildering when discussing complex problems but we make a point of explaining things in a jargon-free manner and putting you at ease before any decisions are made. A written treatment plan is also always provided and we are often able to show you examples of similar treatments.