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Cerec CADCAM Dentistry

Ravenshead Dental is one of just a select few dental practices in the UK to use the CEREC Omnicam, the latest CEREC machine and milling unit for one-visit restorations. Restoration of either an old filling or a new one presents the dentist and patient with choices and decisions – should we use composite (glass filler and paste), gold fillings or porcelain? Although we offer all the above materials, increasingly we look to the advantages of porcelain restorations fabricated using the Cerec 3D system.

These advantages include the fact that porcelain is bonded to the tooth structure, which allows us to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. The material can also be perfectly colour matched to your existing tooth and has a natural translucency that mimics enamel, which gives a highly authentic finish. Porcelain also wears similarly to enamel, which means it will age at a similar rate to your teeth and won’t damage or grind down the opposing teeth.

The CEREC Omnicam lets us take precise 3D natural-coloured images of your teeth without the need for an impression. We are then able to use this image to create and fit the restoration during a single appointment.

This is fantastic news for patients as you only require one anaesthetic, minimal downtime for appointments and no temporary restoration. The porcelain restorations we are able to create with the CEREC Omnicam offer a high polish finish and material stability with good gum health. They are also ideal for long-term monitoring as X-rays will pass through the porcelain but the cement will show up as a bright line.